4 Reasons Why Fresh Content is Critical for Your Website and SEO


4 Reasons Why Fresh Content is Critical for Your Website and SEO

In the inbound world, “blog early, blog often” are words to live by. Blogging is one of the easiest ways for websites to capture the attention of prospects and convert them into leads.

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Each time a business publishes a new and unique blog, they are creating a new opportunity to get:

  • Shared on social media
  • Found in search engines
  • New lead
  • Linked to other sites

And the best part is you don’t have to write the blog posts or articles by yourself. You can hire affordable article writing services company to help take care of it.

Blogging in numbers

There’s a direct correlation between regular posting and increased traffic.

According to statistics, businesses that published more than 16 blog posts every month got almost 3.5 times more traffic than businesses that published between 0 and 4.

Here are five reasons why you should regularly update your website content:


Increase traffic to your site

Search engines love fresh and unique content. When Google crawlers search the web to recommend information to users, they look for signs that your platform is active. If you don’t add website content regularly, or if you don’t update your old content, then search engines will assume that the information isn’t helpful or current, and will drop your search rankings.

However, if you post relevant content on an on-going basis, it’s highly likely for search engines to recommend you, resulting in higher rankings, increased traffic to your site and more income for you.


Establish your platform as an authority

In addition to improving your rankings and increasing traffic to your website, publishing updated content will set you aside as authority in your respective niche. The more content you publish to address the concerns of your prospects and the more pages you post with relevant keywords, the more search engines will recommend you to users.

It’s vital for Google or Yahoo to view you as an authority, but it’s equally essential for your audience to view in that light as well. When a prospect lands on your page, they want to see the latest information that addresses all their questions. If you meet this expectation, then you get to build credibility with your audience.


Create a following

Other than attracting prospects, regularly published content will keep the old ones coming back for more. If you post content on an on-going schedule, your target market will start to learn the pattern. They will also know that whenever they have questions that need answers; your site is the go-to place.

Besides, consistency in offering relevant information will show your audience that you care enough to give them what they need. It’s a great way to attract new prospects and keep the existing ones – that’s how you create a following.


More content, more keywords

By publishing new content, you get to increase the chances for your website to feature more keywords. And as you know, keywords play a significant role on the algorithm chart for search engine ranking and indexing. Frequently added and updated content, like articles or blog posting, lets you optimize the content with appropriate keywords that lead prospects to your site.

But keep in mind that search engines don’t base a lot of emphasis on the number of keywords your site has, instead, they are looking for excellent content that will help users. Therefore, don’t stuff keywords hoping that it will help you rank higher on search results, in fact, this may only lead to penalization.

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It’s important to integrate keywords in your web content, however, be sure that they naturally fit into the context. If you are unsure about how you can best incorporate keywords into your blogs, you might want to work with providers of article writing services to help you accomplish that.

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